Shaking on Easter……7.2 Earthquake

April 7, 2010

Well, I now know what a 7.2 earthquake feels like! That was some ride. I was sitting at my dining room table working on a stamp collection a guy at church didn’t want any more and so he gave it to me when a rumbling sound that was increasing in volume came from behind me (which would be south). Bam. Everything started shaking. Big jolt, then wave after wave. Couldn’t surf those waves though. Loudest quake I’ve ever heard. My wife had been in kitchen, she followed our youngest under the dining room table (duck and cover….we do that here in California schools). Older son was in his room, reading. I got up to be sure TV was turned off, hollered at oldest son if he was ok. Lots of noise from stuff breaking in the kitchen and falling out of the pantries adjacent the dining room. Then it stopped. Buzzing from computer power backup device….. waded into the study to turn computer off and the computer power backup device. Buzzing ended with push of a button.

We are fine, house ok, there are a couple of cracks in the stucco walls. (Here in southern California, we don’t build from brick…..cement slab, wooden or steel frame, stucco exterior walls, plasterboard (drywall) interior walls). Our study is a mess with books, games, teaching stuff, paper for computer and stamp collection stuff that was jolted off shelves and desk. Kitchen was a big mess with some broken dishes, a couple broken bottles of wine and brandy (which nobody here drinks anyway), a few random spices that tumbled from spice cabinet and broke….a little parsley with brandy, anyone? Not enough dishes broken to warrant my buying wife new dishes… And our TV fell out of the entertainment center and seems to be broken. I did plan to watch BosSox beat NYY Sunday night,(Baseball is starting YEAH !) then watch Sharpe dally about in India and then watch baseball most of the day Monday. Oh well; the Padres will be on the radio. Power was out (for this area of town) about six hours. Water service never interrupted, but there are some issues with the city water storage tanks. We do have a number of bottles of water on hand if ever need be.

Local Emergency Broadcast System did not work. The one English language radio station here was off the air. Congressional reps will hear about this from me. A neighbor did pick up some news from a San Diego radio station, but they really had no local details.

Easter dinner was just a bit of Costco ham that was in the oven when the shaking started. We ate some, then cut up the bulk of it and distributed it to the neighbors. Next door neighbor bemoaning loss of three bottles of “GOOD” tequila. Most local businesses closed Monday; I can imagine what Costco, WalMart, Lowes, etc. look like. But, we are all safe and almost ignoring the aftershocks.
I heard our classrooms were a mess. I’ll find out next Monday. I don’t need to go in during Spring Break unless principal or district official calls and needs me to do something in my classroom. Probably have my students start Monday with writing a personal story of their experiences in the earthquake.

Aftershocks were bugging us somewhat Sunday and Monday…..several in the 5.0+ range. We were awaken twice Sunday night by good shakes aftershocks.

So, any natural disasters for you the past week? If so, please share them with us !

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March 4, 2010

How much do you fight?  It is getting into my mind, that some things are no longer worth the fight.  Such as being the campus bad guy and requesting students tuck in their shirts, as per district dress code. 

As in reminding certain students that it is not acceptable to write in a gang graffiti  style. 

As in continuing to try to inform parents that their child is deficient in doing their work, being prepared for class, failing tests and quizzes, etc,. and never hearing a word from these parents or seeing a change in attitude from their child. 

As in expecting the school administration to enforce the off-limits areas during lunch (such as the one adjacent to my classroom during first lunch). 

As in expecting the administration to demonstrate their mantra of “following the discipline plan” and actually using aspects of this school-wide discipline plan on those frequent disrupters of our classrooms.  ( anyone else out there using the Salzman Plan?  I think it would work great for self-contained classrooms, but under that plan, a student with six classes per day could mark up a whole bunch of disciplinary infractions and be put “in the book”  with at least six warnings, spend at least five minutes per class in time out number one, spend at least ten minutes per class in time out number two and go through his/her day without seeing a single administrator!  I don’t know that a single consistently disruptive student has been cocooned by our administration since Dier Grosse Discipline Plan Salzman was adopted for us by administration.  Some of us call it the “administrative work reduction plan.”)

To keep up these fights?  Why?  That brick wall has yet to crack.  My head, on the other hand……..Time to deal solely with my classroom and ( you fill in this space) with the rest of the school.? 

Thanks for reading my rant.  Are you experiencing similar things?  ( No, don’t tell me its ’cause its “spring” !).  Tell us about it.

Polski3 has moved !

March 3, 2010

Polski3 was having some mysterious trouble over on bl***s**t, so I decided to try my blog over here on WordPress. It seems at my prior site, which will still be there if anyone wants to look up any of the teaching stuff (or my rants and raves about education) in my archives. Periodically, I will move something I like and think has value from there to here. I have thought of just killing the previous blog, but if it can stay there at no cost to me, maybe it can be a help to some fellow teacher. Anyhow, welcome to the new place.

Hello world!

March 3, 2010

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