How much do you fight?  It is getting into my mind, that some things are no longer worth the fight.  Such as being the campus bad guy and requesting students tuck in their shirts, as per district dress code. 

As in reminding certain students that it is not acceptable to write in a gang graffiti  style. 

As in continuing to try to inform parents that their child is deficient in doing their work, being prepared for class, failing tests and quizzes, etc,. and never hearing a word from these parents or seeing a change in attitude from their child. 

As in expecting the school administration to enforce the off-limits areas during lunch (such as the one adjacent to my classroom during first lunch). 

As in expecting the administration to demonstrate their mantra of “following the discipline plan” and actually using aspects of this school-wide discipline plan on those frequent disrupters of our classrooms.  ( anyone else out there using the Salzman Plan?  I think it would work great for self-contained classrooms, but under that plan, a student with six classes per day could mark up a whole bunch of disciplinary infractions and be put “in the book”  with at least six warnings, spend at least five minutes per class in time out number one, spend at least ten minutes per class in time out number two and go through his/her day without seeing a single administrator!  I don’t know that a single consistently disruptive student has been cocooned by our administration since Dier Grosse Discipline Plan Salzman was adopted for us by administration.  Some of us call it the “administrative work reduction plan.”)

To keep up these fights?  Why?  That brick wall has yet to crack.  My head, on the other hand……..Time to deal solely with my classroom and ( you fill in this space) with the rest of the school.? 

Thanks for reading my rant.  Are you experiencing similar things?  ( No, don’t tell me its ’cause its “spring” !).  Tell us about it.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Ms. Cornelius Says:

    Oh, do I feel ya!

    By the way, can you explain the game of Go to me? I have two sets, and no clue how t start…..

    Nice new place ya got here……

  2. Rho Says:

    I feel your pain–been feeling like that myself lately. We have advisor/advisee time (35 minutes) daily at our high school with our groups. It’s a time for getting extra help, making up work, and studying- not a social time. Two teachers let their kids run the building instead of keeping them in the room-no passes- they just flit from room to room. This makes it difficult for the ones of us who do the work to keep order. (We’re talking about 9th graders let loose). It is so frustrating that some of us are the police and others just shirk their responsibility. However, if something happens while those kids are roaming, it will be on their heads.
    I’ve taught over 25 years and this year’s crop has been the laziest group I’ve ever had. Won’t do homework, sit like slugs and get angry if I tell them to sit up and participate. I sure hope they are not the wave of the future. I don’t see this tech-savvy, engaged group I read about – I see a bunch of shallow teenagers addicted to messaging the most boring, trivial stuff. It’s almost like a drug, seems to put them into a different, zombie state. They panic when we confiscate cell phones. I mean real panic, as if we are pulling the plugs on their “Borg” connection.

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